woody Harrelson Family

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The popular actor from America, Woody was born in Harrelson family in July 23, 1961. So, if you are wondering how old is Woody Harrelson, let me tell you that he is currently 53yrs old. His father was Charles Voyde Harrelson while his mother was Diane Lou. He has two siblings. Harrelson family went through separation. The parent got split-up when Woodrow – nicknamed Woody was only 3yrs old. He is from notorious family background. His father was a hitman who died in prison for killing Federal judge of Texas. He moved to Lebanon with his mum and went to Lebanon High School. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Theater and English from Hanover College in 1983.
The answer to the question – ‘How tall is Woody Harrelson’ is 5ft and 9and half inch. He got into public attention for the first time when he played the role of bartender- Woody Boyd in NBC sitcom Cheers. In fact, his acting was so much appreciated that he was nominated not for only one but for five Emmy Awards out of which he was able to win one award. He continued to appear in small screen miniseries like Frasier and Will & Grace. His latest TV show is HBO crime series True Detective where he is playing the role of Louisiana cop who investigates murder. Along with TV series, he has also acted in movies. He debuted in film industry from Wildcats (1986). Indecent Proposal (1993) established him as a successful actor. He began to get noticed in public eye from movie The People vs Larry Flynt in which he did the role of Larry Flynt who is the publisher of Hustler magazine. The role made him candidate for Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award. His other hit movies include Welcome to Sarajevo (1997),The Thin Red Line (1999). Woodrow took break from movies from 1999 till 2003. He can also be seen in Blockbusters like No Country for Old Men (2007) and Battle in Seattle. According to critics, the role of Captain Tony Stone in The Messenger (2009) is his best performance so far. His role as a drunk Haymitch Abernathy in Hunger Games (2012) was much appreciated.      
He married Nancy Simon in 1985 but the relationship could not work out and they got separated ten months later. At present, Woody Harrelson’s wife is Laura Louie with whom he married on 28th December 2008. They have three daughters. He is known as advocate of weeds and has been arrested several times. Net Worth of Woody Harrelson is estimated to be $65 million.