Wiz Khalifa Net Worth

Wiz Khalifa Net Worth, Website, Tour
Wiz Khalifa is an American rapper who has a total net worth of $30 million dollars. Khalifa was born on 8th September 1987 (age 27) in North Dakota, United States to parents Peachie Wimbush and Laurence Thomaz. Khalifa released his first debut album in 2006 and contracted to Warner Bros Records in 2007. His first album is Show and Prove. Khalifa divided with Warner Bros and published his 2nd album, Deal or No Deal in November 2009. He contracted with Atlantic Records. He also popular for his entrance single for Atlantic Black and Yellow. His album for the label Rolling papers which was released on 29th march 2011. He released his 4th album Blacc Hollywood on 18th August 2014 sponsored by the lead single We Dem Boyz. His tours details find in his website.
Khalifa started dating with Amber Rose in first 2011. The couple engaged and got married on 8th july 2013. The couple have one son. Khalifa is public about his usage of cannabis. Khalifa has claimed in many talks that he spends $10,000 one month on cannabis and also smoke every day. His height is 1.93m.