Why do men love Breasts?

why Men love breasts, breasts
  1. Breast
Breast is important part of women body. Some women want to make big breast but some want to make small breast. But Men loves women breasts. Some researches shows that almost men are look at breast when they meet women. After looking breast, then people look other part. One of the reason is breast is high so eye goes there. But some researches show that , Men love breast for following:
- They are the most palpable sign of female.
- They are near to eye level and in front of women.
- They feel wonderful
- They are the foundation of endless imaginations.
Another research shown that, the only reason breast cover is not on every man’s computer. Women are joyless old puritans, & they are emitting more hogwash. If women’s breast didn’t occur then they wouldn’t develop at childhood & became an basic part of women’s body. Men admire playing with thing., breast are the most attractive plaything may be possible, feminine, sensual, sexy and fun to drama with. men are not difficult and breast simply have a up-front message for them and touchable packages… wow breast !!!