When was Savannah Soutas born? Check out Savannah Soutas birthday and daughter

When was Savannah Soutas born, Savannah Soutas birthday, daughter
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Savannah Soutas can be best described as an American fashion blogger, professional photographer and all in all a social media celebrity who is quite popular. She was instantly famous on ‘Instagram’ through her love for photography and now has a whopping 1.6 million followers who love and support her. It was in 2016 when she was ranked as the number one ‘Muser’ as she topped the ‘Musical.ly’ app with 7 million followers by beating some of the popular Musers like Baby Ariel and Jacob Sartorius. Savannah Soutas even grew her popularity as her Musical.ly videos and Instagram pictures went viral on ‘Facebook’ landing her a fan following of over 410,000 which is amazing. Besides her internet career, she also happens to be a young mother and an entrepreneur who also endorse various brands that are quite successful. There is no doubt that the lady has created a name for herself along with huge net worth.

When was Savannah Soutas born?
Savannah Soutas was actually born as Savannah Rose Soutas on March 2, 1993, in California, United States and holds American nationality. It is said that she was born a gifted child and took to dancing when she was only 2 years old while she completed her elementary education through home schooling which is remarkable. Savannah Soutas was born into a Christian family and has an elder sibling named Chantelle Paige who happens to be a well-known singer and also a vocalist of the girl band ‘Flipsyde. She obviously loved taking pictures as a teen which very much influenced her photography and also gave some time to work as a model, thus we can say that she has it since the beginning. Her parents always supported her through thick and thin and always wanted her to follow her dream. Even now, she loves to spend time with her cute little child while taking pictures of her and posting them online. She is surely a talented individual along with attractive features like her dreamy eyes and beautiful blonde hair which add up to her beauty.

Savannah Soutas birthday
Savannah Soutas is now 24 years of age and celebrates her birthday every year on 2nd of March with all her family members and friends. She sure loves to spend quality time at home which she thinks is important and feels blessed to have so much love and support from her friends, family and not to forget, her followers. Savannah Soutas also added that her first priority is always education before popularity and plans on encouraging her daughter to do the same so that she could secure her future. After all, only good looks are not going to feed anybody so you need to have talent and an intellectual mind in order to survive in this world. This proves that she is a wonderful mother and though being pregnant in her late teens, she describes that she has no regrets for it as she loves her child dearly and values her so much.

Savannah Soutas daughter
There is no doubt that Savannah Soutas loves her child as she is so protective of her and wants to teach her child every possible thing that is going to make her life easy and meaningful. Her child goes by the name Everleigh and though she never mentioned about who the father is, she states that he is of the same age as her. She even has a separate Instagram account for her daughter who also models for various products and brands and sets new trends for little girls like herself. Savannah Soutas is now engaged with Cole LaBrant who is also the prominent Vine star from the collaborative channel ‘Dem White Boyz’ whom she met in 2016. Cole seems really cool about her child and adores her like her mother does. Savannah Soutas is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree and is also working as a full-time photographer and a fashion blogger.