What is Andre Tricoteux height? Andre Tricoteux age and nationality

Andre Tricoteux height, Andre Tricoteux age, nationality
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  1. What is Andre Tricoteux height?
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Everyone knows Andre Tricoteux after his appearance as Colossus in Deadpool and Orc War Captain in Warcraft and is appreciated for his brilliant acting. He is an actor as well as a stuntman who has shown his work on many TV series and movies that include Seventh Son, Once Upon a Time and See No Evil 2 which grabbed him quite a lot of attention. One of his famous performances was the portrayal of the Colossus character in the 2016 Marvel film Deadpool, a role that he shared with fellow stuntman T. J. Storm. However, the Serbian actor Stefan Kapicic provided the character's voice and was actually cast at the last moment, followed by the final face performance by film's motion capture supervisor Greg LaSalle.

Andre Tricoteux performance in the film has been boosted by CGI with that of four other actors that included three aforementioned and stuntman Glenn Ennis. It is seen that majority of the celebrities now try to expose their personal life trying to grab constant attention and limelight however some appear to be quite the opposite and enjoy professional success instead of just showing off. Andre Tricoteux is one of such actor who has gained a lot career-wise but has kept his private affairs wrapped up very tight. He initially started acting from the movie ‘To the Mat’ where he played Isaac in 2011. Followed by his work as a stunt performer in the movies like ‘Divine: The Series’ and ‘True Justice'. His acting and stunt skills can be seen in several other movies that include ‘The Movie Out Here’, ‘Ice Soldiers', ‘Seventh Son’ and ‘Kindergarten Cop 2’. Andre Tricoteux also last appeared as Savitar in ’The Flash’ movie in 2016 and besides movies, he has also participated in IWA World Heavyweight Championship and IWA World Tag Team Championship. Considering his achievements from movies and wrestling, we assume that he has a great income and huge net worth.

What is Andre Tricoteux height?
Andre Tricoteux stands tall and handsome with a height of 6 feet and 9 inches which perfectly matches his personality. He looks very attractive with his light brown hair and eyes that look perfect and since he has a big body built, it suits his personality even more. No wonder he was chosen for the role of ‘Savitar’ in The Flash movie that looked so tall and bold.

Andre Tricoteux age
According to the sources, Andre Tricoteux was born to his Canadian parents in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories and since the actor is so secretive about his personal life, he has never really disclosed anything about his birthday or his age until now. He is mostly playing the hardcore roles for his movies and we have barely seen him doing romantic stuff or playing an ideal husband on the screen. Considering the facts we assume that the actor is still single and does not plan on getting into any romantic relationship very soon. But Andre Tricoteux still looks young in age and with that seductive personality he might find someone very soon as it is obviously hard for his fans to believe that he has no girlfriend. His single relationship status has also raised suspicions that he might be gay but it just turns out to be a rumor since the actor has shown none of the traits that resemble gay preference and he has also not come forth with a male partner which proves that rumors hold no truth to it. We do hope that he finds the love of his life and lives happily with her.

Andre Tricoteux nationality
There are very limited details about the actor on the internet, however; we do know that Andre Tricoteux holds the American nationality. If you want to know more about him then you can surely follow him on his social media accounts also find information on various wiki sites that includes his career, personal life, and nationality.