Sheryl Crown

Sheryl Crown, net worth, songs, height, albums
Sheryl Crown has a total net worth of $40 million dollars. Her wealth main sources are Music and Cinema. She has released her 8 studio albums, 1 live album, 2 compilations, and has contribute to a quantity of movie soundtracks. She has sold more than seventeen millions albums in the U.S and over fifty million albums international. She has got 9 Grammy Awards. She also seemed on various television shows such as GCB, Cougar Town, 30 Rock, Jon Stewart and Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. Her more songs with videos are available on YouTube. If It Makes You Happy, Strong Enough, My Favourite Mistake, Cars: Real Gone, The First Cut is the Deepest, Pictures, Run Baby Run songs and lyrics by Sheryl Crow. In the meantime, her songs were recorded by major artist including Tina Turner, Celina Dion and Wynona Judd.
Sheryl Crown was born in Missouri, United States on February 11, 1962 (age 53) to father, Wendell Crow and mother, Bernice Crow, has two sister, Kathy Crow and Karen Crow and one brother, Steven Crow. She has had number of high-profile romantic relationships. She dated with actor Owen Wilson. Again she started dating to Lance Armstrong in 2003. They announced their engagement in September 2005 but together announced they had separated on 3 February, 2006. She announced on her website that she had adopted 2 weeks old boy, Wyatt Steven in May 2007. Later she announced that she had adopted a boy named Levi James Crow in June 2010. Crow discovered that she has a Meningioma in November 2011. Her height is 5’3” (1.61m).