Robyn Curnow Bio, Age, Height, Salary, Wiki, Spouse, Net Worth and Wiki

Robyn Curnow, Bio, Age, Height, Salary, Wiki, Spouse, Net Worth, Wiki
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Brief Summary:
Robyn Curnow is a South African journalist and news anchor who is known best for her remarkable work on CNN International’s International Desk. Robyn Curnow bio shows that she has worked for CNN and South African Broadcasting Corporation.

Short Biography:
Birth Name: Robyn Curnow
DOB: 1972
Birthplace: Australia
Age: 45 years
Nationality: South African
Ethnicity: White
Profession: Journalism
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Weight: 55 kgs
Body type: Hourglass shaped
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown

Early Life (Personal life):
Robyn Curnow was born in Australia. She spent most of her childhood days in South Africa. Robyn Curnow has also gained fame for being the granddaughter of Springbok cricketer, Syd Curnow.

Education and Career:
Robyn Curnow wiki shows that she attended Cambridge University. She received her master’s degree in International Relations.

Robyn began her work as a journalist for BBC. She reported for BBC and also for the South African Broadcasting Corporation. Robyn began working for CNN in 2001. She was based in its London office and covered news from across the UK to Europe. She is also known to have worked as a correspondent for CNN’s African office based in Johannesburg. She is known best for covering stories on political scandals involving South African president Jacob Zuma and Boko Haram, soccer World Cup, HIV epidemic, and more. She has also reported on the human rights abuses and corruption on Zimbabwe. She has also interviewed Mandela. She is known to have had multiple interviews with him. Moreover, Mandela’s last interview at the age of 90 with Robyn was his last interview.

She anchored the coverage on the Mosul offensive in Iraq in October 2016. The contribution led to a News and Documentary Emmy nomination. She has also covered events like the death of Fidel Castro, and President Barack Obama’s trip to Cuba. She is also known to have interviewed George W Bush and his wife Laura while she was in Zambia. She is also known to have interviewed U.S. president Bill Clinton. While First lady Michelle Obama was visiting Africa, Curnow also sat and interviewed with her. She has also interviewed Oprah Winfrey in Johannesburg. At present, Robyn is working for CNN International’s International Desk.

Relationship and Affair:
Robyn Curnow Spouse is Kim Norgaard. Robyn Curnow Spouse relocated with her from Johannesburg to Atlanta in August 2014 along with the entire family. Together the couple has two children named Freya and Hella.

Net worth and Salary:
Robyn Curnow net worth is known to be very high and amassed from her work in journalism. Robyn Curnow salary is comparable to her fellow colleagues. Robyn Curnow net worth is likely to increase from her work at CNN. Robyn is famous not just in South Africa but all over the world. Her work in both CNN and BBC has led her to become one of the most sought-after anchors of the present era.

Wiki and Facts:
Robyn Curnow height is estimated to be 5 feet 6 inch. She looks exceptionally good in high heels and low cut dresses. Robyn Curnow bio, apart from her work as a journalist, also expands as a contributor for Vogue magazine, Marie Claire, and also the International Herald Tribune. She has also contributed articles on the Washington Post related to her family’s struggle with a speech impediment. She advocates for people who stutter. Robyn Curnow wiki can be found on various social media sites like Wikipedia and IMDB. She is also very popular on facebook and twitter.