Robin Meade Net Worth

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Robin Meade is an American Journalist and television talk show host. Robin Meade has an around net worth of $4.5 million dollar and has $750,000 yearly salary. She is the lead news anchor for HLN’s morning show “Morning Express with Robin Meade”. Her net worth resource is anchor on the morning show “Morning Express with Robin Meade” and journalism.  

Robin Meade was born on April 21, 1969 in new London. Her birth name was robin Michele made. She was born to inborn American family. Her grandfather coal colliery in Kentucky and her father was a minister. She was a TV correspondent with good look, concerned many viewer toward her show. She grew up in New London and graduated from the London High school and joined Malone College Ashland University. She graduated in performance and programming in 1991. In 1992, Robin became Miss Phio and was a top ten qualifier in the Miss America’s Parade.  The young lady show her skill in management pressure when she was took Miss Ohio. She developed top ten at the Miss America parade. She leave college and beauty parades and enthused forward in penetrating media industry. Her excellent handling about a bombing effort at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, CNN closely took notice of her and afford her a job. After bombing incident, she was part of CNN family. Her news was regularly in the CNN headline news.  She ever got the alteration to sing for George H.W. bush at one of the campaign meetings. She got married with Tim Yeager in November 6, 1993 at age 14. Twitter account of Robin Meade is @robinmeade. Her height is 1.60 m.