Rhona Mitra Bio, Net worth, Dating, Husband, Married, Wiki, and Boyfriend

Rhona Mitra , Rhona Mitra Bio, Net worth, Dating, Husband, Married, Wiki, and Boyfriend
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Date of Birth/Birthday
Net Worth USD 5 million
Age 41 Years old
Rhona Mitra Short Bio
Rhona Mitra is a popular actress, singer, songwriter, and model. She was born on August 9, 1976, in Hampstead, London, England to father Anthony Mitra and mother Nora Downey. Her father worked as a cosmetic surgeon whereas her mother was a homemaker. As per her bio obtained in Wikipedia, Rhona Mitra's mother was an Irish and her father was of Bengali Indian origin. She grew up in the neighborhoods of Hampstead with her two brothers. With reference to Rhona Mitra's bio, her younger brother is a travel writer for the Lonely Planet and the Sunday Times whereas whereabouts of her elder brother are not known.

Rhona Mitra Career, Net Worth and Salary: How much is Rhona Mitra salary?
Rhona Mitra started her career in 1995 as a model. During the period of 1998 - 99, she became popular as a Lara Croft model. After the completion of the modeling assignment, she started appearing in numerous television series like Party of Five, The Practice, Boston Legal, Detective Kit McGraw, Nip/Truck, Doomsday, Strike back, The Last Ship and many more. In 2017, she appeared in the television series called The Strain. From all those movie and modeling assignments, Rhona Mitra has been able to accumulate a huge wealth. Rhona Mitra's total net worth as per the recent reports is around 5 million US dollars. Due to multiple sources of income, her annual salary amounts around one million dollars. Apart from modeling and acting assignments, she has also been involved in directing short movies and independent films. Rhona Mitra has been involved in multiple areas and thus, her sources of income are many and on basis of those sources and her cash flow ratio, her net worth can be assumed to grow substantially in the coming years.

Rhona Mitra Personal Life: Is Rhona Mitra married?
Rhona Mitra is 41 years old already. During her youth and graceful years, Rhona Mitra had had a lot of romantic affairs and had a long list of boyfriends. Among the list of all those boyfriends, Rhona Mitra chose one as a husband. Though details of Rhona Mitra's husband are not known due to her maintenance of secrecy, reports reveal that Rhona Mitra married her husband after dating him for more than a couple of years. The lovely couple got married in a simple ceremony which was attended by family, friends and close relatives. After marriage, Rhona Mitra took some time off from acting and focused spending quality time with her hubby. She has not revealed any plans of adding a new member to the family anytime soon but we expect to see her in the role of a loving mother soon. There are no rumors of conflicts in their marriage, so there are fewer chances of their separation.

Rhona Mitra Height and Weight: How tall is Rhona Mitra? 
Rhona Mitra has an eye-catching height and has weight in right proportion to her height. She works in the entertainment industry, so she is expected to remain fit and that she does by working out in the gym every day. She makes sure she has a balanced diet to remain fit as well as healthy both physically and mentally.

Rhona Mitra Wiki and Facts
Rhona Mitra has a Wikipedia page which has details of her personal and professional life. Many other Wiki sites and web pages have also been publishing details of her life. Apart from indulging in her family and profession, she loves to spend time reading books and chatting with her mother.