Rachel Maddow show, girlfriend, wife and net worth

Rachel Maddow, show, girlfriend, wife, net worth
Date of Birth/Birthday
Net Worth USD 20 Million
Age 46 Years old
Married/Spouse Susan Mikula(partner)
Height/Tall 5' 11" (1.79 m)
The beautiful Rachel Anne Meadow is popular for the night show named The Rachel Maddow Show which airs on the MSNBC channel. She is a radio host, television host; author as well as a political commentator of American nationality who also runs a talk radio program named The Rachel Maddow Show which sirs in Air America Radio. This openly gay anchor is the first one to host a major prime time news program and was born on the 1st of April, 1973. She is aged 43 and is the holder of the doctorate degree from the Oxford University. Needless to state, she is a highly talented individual.
The graduate from the Stanford University started her career from the radio hosting job in WRNX before moving on to the WRSI. She later joined Air America and started The Rachel Maddow Show there. The popularity of the show made MSNBC create a similar talk show of the same name. She had also been a regular panelist on the show Tucker of the MSNBC and is now well known in regards to her extremely popular show which showcases her political beliefs and other social issues.

This openly gay journalist has been talked about and searched about also in regards to her personal life. Rachel Maddow girlfriend history has been the concern of most of her fans. Rachel Maddow girlfriend is named Susan Mikula. The couple has not married and Susan has not become Rachel’s wife yet. Rachel Maddow will marry her beau and make Susan her wife soon but it seems that it will surely require some time. The couple met on 1999. Maddow was working on her dissertation for her doctoral degree then and the couple instantly clicked and started a relationship. The relationship of the couple has been going strong ever since and they might get married sometime soon.
Rachel Maddow net worth is a whopping 20 million dollars. This certainly does not come as a surprise to her fans as her endeavors in the journalism sector and her contribution to the understanding of politics as well as her views have been highly appreciated. She has been earning a lot of salary to be able to earn this amount of net worth. The amount is sure to increase in the upcoming years with the increment in her fame, name and the dedication towards her work.