Poppy Harlow married, husband, feet, boyfriend and net worth

Poppy Harlow married, husband, feet, boyfriend and net worth
Date of Birth/Birthday
Net Worth USD 15 million
Age 37 Years old
Married/Spouse Sinisa Babcic
Height/Tall 5 ft 5 in (1.66 m)
Poppy Harlow, is the professional name of the beautiful beauty Katharine Julia Harlow who is a journalist of American nationality, famous for being the reporter of Forbes.com and CNN. She has also been known particularly for her work as the weekend anchor of CNN Newsroom and she has also a business correspondent at the CNN previously. She has also been the Video Network reporter, anchor and producer for Forbes.com and was born on the 2nd of May, 1982.

The 34 year old beauty is married. Poppy Harlow married husband Sinisa Babcic and they have been together since. Poppy Harlow husband and she announced on 2015 on November that they were expecting their first child. Their first child, a pretty girl was born on the 11th of April, 2016. The couple has been getting along pretty well ever since, with no signs of a divorce. Poppy Harlow boyfriend history is less available to the general public. Despite her being married however, she has sometimes been surrounded with controversies of having cheated upon her husband with a boyfriend from inside the CNN. The reports however seem to be fake.
Poppy Harlow net worth is estimated to be a whopping 15 million dollars. She has been covering the net worth of several celebrities through Forbes.com and in the process; she has managed to earn that huge amount of net worth. The beauty has earned a lot of salary and money and has been taking care of her entire family herself pretty well. Poppy Harlow net worth is surely set to rise in the upcoming years as her time in the journalism fraternity is sure to continue much more in the days to come.

This incredibly talented beauty is not just talked about because of her reporting skills, but also for the exquisite beauty that she possesses. She has been known for her incredible sense of style. She always adorns her perfect body with the best dresses. Poppy Harlow feet size are not available, but they sure do look incredibly beautiful to her fans. Her sexy legs and pretty feet are always exposed in certain conditions in every event that she reports. We have the collection of the best casual footwear, beach wear, professional wear, heels and other shoes worn by her. Poppy Harlow feet and her legs, along with her perfectly managed body has been an attractive factor that pulls her fans to look at her skills and beauty showcased on television.