Morgan Stewart Net Worth

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The popular wild girl from Beverly Hills, Morgan Stewart is a millionaire in her mid twenties who is noted for her childish behavior. Net worth of Morgan Stewart is 1million USD. She became instantly famous when she appeared in the TV Reality show- Rich kids of Beverly Hills. She has been described as ‘sexy wild child of Beverly Hills’. She is the daughter of highly successful architect.  
Morgan is dating her cast member Brendan Fitzpatrick. Her favorite hobby is to post blogs in her own site named The website chronicles her lavish lifestyle and   We can get updated with her recent events by following her in People can also find her in instagram for which her address is Instagram is flooded with her glamorous selfies. Morgan likes to party hard. The show is a new E! reality series which depicts the luxurious lifestyle of Morgan and four other girls, all in mid- twenties.       
Morgan was never certain with her career. At one point, she thought of being a doctor. Later, she joined a college for brief period taking communications as a major subject. She was not a bright student. She has herself admitted it that she never passed the single class while in school. She used to get bored with the conventional studying techniques and she was sure that she will not get anything from this traditional education of classroom studies. So, she decided to dig her own way to success. She decided to run a website called the tagline says: ‘For the girl creating her own future….For the boy who digs boobs.’
Morgan Stewart who has recently turned 26yrs loves to wear masks while she goes for nights out. In an interview taken by ‘US Weekly’, she admitted that she loves her clay mask most out of her several other masks. She further added that the clay mask helps her to cleanse her face off of impurities. She says she choose the mask based on what she needs for her skin. She is extremely conscious of her beauty and she tells that she always remember to pull her makeup off before going to bed irrespective of what time it is that she goes to bed. Morgan loves to color her lip in red.
‘Rich kids of Beverly Hills’ comes every Sunday evening at 10pm on E! For more information regarding programs on E!, you can follow E! through the twitter account eonlineuk