Michelle Duggar Bio

Michelle Duggar Bio, parents, height, siblings,duggar family religion
Michelle Duggar Bio
Michelle Duggar whose age is 48yrs old is the popular reality TV show star from 19 kids and counting who was born on 13th September 1966. Her full name is Michelle Annette Ruark. Michelle married Jim Bob Duggar on 21st July 1984. Duggar parents willingly chose not to go for birth control. They have 19 children so far. Michelle's height is 5ft 8inch.
Michelle Duggar siblings include 10 boys and 9 girls. Joshua James “Josh” Duggar is the eldest who was born in 3rd March 1988 and is 26yrs of age at present. Jana Marie Duggar and John- David Duggar are twins and were born in 12th January 1990 and they are currently 24yrs old. Jill Michelle Dillard was born in 17th May 1991 and her age is 23. She is married to Derick Dillard and recent news is Jill is pregnant. Jessa Lauren Seewald was born in 4th November 1992 and her age is 22 yrs. She is married to Ben Seewald. Jinger Nicole Duggar was born in 21st December 1993 and the age is 20, Joseph Garrett Duggar was born in 20th January 1995 and he present age is 19, Josiah Matthew Duggar was born in 28th August 1996 and the age is 18yrs, Joy- Anna Duggar was born in 28th October 1997 and the age is 17, Jedidiah Robert Duggar and Jeremiah Robert Duggar are twins who were born in 30th December 1998 and their age is 15yrs, Jason Michael Duggar was born in 21st April 2000 and the age is 14, James Andrew Duggar was born in 7th July 2001 and the age is 13, Justin Samuel Duggar was born in 15th November 2002 and the age is 12, Jackson Levi Duggar was born in 23rd May, 2004 and the age is 10yrs, Johannah Faith Duggar was born in 11th October 2005 and the age is 9yrs, Jennifer Danielle Duggar was born in 2nd August 2007 and she is currently 7yrs, Jordyn- Grace Makiya Duggar was born in 18th December 2008  and she is 5yrs old and the youngest of all- Josie Brooklyn Duggar was born in 10th December 2010 who is currently 4yrs old. Michelle Duggar was pregnant for the 20th time with a girl Jubilee Shalom on 14th February 2012 but it was announced that the child was miscarried.
LGBTQ Fans were outraged when the photos of same-sex couples kissing were supposedly banned from the official Facebook page of Duggars. They went for petition against the show. The court decided in favor of Comprehensive Nondiscrimination Ordinance but Michelle registered a robocall against the ordinance. Duggar family adopts Independent Baptism religion.
Duggar couple has finished a book named The Duggars: 20 and counting. They live in 7000sq. ft. mansion in Arkansas.