Manoj Tiwari (Actor, Singer) bio, height, affair, wife and net worth

Manoj Tiwari (Actor, Singer), bio, height, affair, wife, net worth
Date of Birth/Birthday
Net Worth Around 19 Crore (INR)
Age 46 Years old
Married/Spouse Rani Tiwari (divorce 2012)
Height/Tall 5 feet 7 inches
  1. Childhood
  2. Career and path
  3. Married and personal life
  4. Fact, bio and height
Manoj Tiwari is a well-known singer, actor, television presenter and music director from Bihar, India. He is perhaps known best to the Indian movie lovers for his appearance in movies like, Sasura Bada Paisawal, Janam Janam Ke Sth, Bhole Shankar, Devra Bhail Deewana and many more. The bio of the very talented and handsome, Manoj Tiwari is given below.

Manoj Tiwari was born on 1st February 1973 in Atarwalia, Bihar, India to parents, Chndra Deo Tiwari and Lalita Devi. He spent most of his childhood days with his brother, Puskar Tiwari and his four other siblings. Manoj was very interested in singing and thus began his career as a singer.

Career and path
After 10 years of singing career, Manoj went on to begin his acting career with the 2004 movie, Sasura Bada Paise Wala which was a huge box office hit. Since then Manoj has been seen in movies like Daroga Babu I love you, Naihar ke Maro piya ke chunari, Damad ji, Tu Hamae Hau, Janam Janam Ke Saath Tu Hamae Hau, Janam Janam Ke Saath, Bhole Shankar and more. He is known to have appeared as a contestant in Bigg Boss 4.

Married and personal life
Manoj is not as successful in his personl life and relationships as in his career. He was married to wife, Rani Tiwari in 1999. Together, the couple has a lovely daughter. His wife, Rani separated from him after known that he was having an affair with Manoj’s co-contestent in Bigg Boss 4, actress Shweta Tiwari. After the affair, Rani and Manoj had a divorce.

Fact, bio and height
Tiwari is currently 43 years old. Tiwari looks exceptionally well. He is an advocate of healthy eating and exercise. Tiwari’s weight is known to be 78 kgs . His height and weight match perfectly. Manoj Tiwari’s height is 5 feet 7 inches.His chest size is 43 inches, waist is 34 inches and biceps are 14 inches.  Manoj Tiwari’s net worth is known to be INR 19 crore.
His net worth is accumulated from his salary which is known to be very high coming from his successful acting career. Manoj has a salary of INR 50 lacks. Manoj is also an Indian parliament member for North East India. Manoj is known to have vast areas of agricultural as well as non-agricultural lands around India. The very talented and renowned, Manoj Tiwari’s bio can be found on various social media sites like Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook and more.