Lori Anne Allison biography, Makeup Artist, Height and Net Worth

Lori Anne Allison, biography, Makeup Artist, Height, Net Worth
Lori Anne Allison was born on 6th of September 1957 in United States of America. Since her childhood Lori wanted to become a makeup artist.  At the age of 8, Lori used to make different hair styles to her dolls hair. As Allison grew younger, there was no turning back for her career as Lori started to work in a boutique. Lori also had interest towards music but chose this profession first. Makeup Artist Lori Anne Allison is very successful on her work and is recognized all over the world as Lori works very hard day and night. Being a professional beautician herself, Lori knows how to keep her face beautiful and attractive with perfect hair style. According to the source, Lori Anne Allison height is 5 feet with perfect body curves. Even though her height is not so tall, Lori looks very gorgeous. Her charming personality has filled up her good height.
The other reason for her being popular is her relationship with the superstar Johnny Depp. The couple got married in the year 1983 and started living happily but just after three years of their marriage, the couple seems to have problems with each other. Till then, they did not have any children too. They had a divorce in the year 1986 but the main cause of their divorce is not revealed and is yet a mystery.
Though Lori is very popular makeup artist, there are very less information on her and it is really disturbing that Lori Anne Allison biography is not available in the Wikipedia. Lori does not seem to be active in the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram too. Her pictures are also missing in the internet so it seems that Lori does not have any interest in uploading her pictures. Lori Anne Alison ex-husband named Johnny Depp has the net worth of $400 million.