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Full Name: Lina Maya
Net Worth:  $2 Million 
Lina Maya is an American-Colombia actress who recently lived in Miami, Florida. Lina Maya has net worth of $2 million dollar. She spent her childhood in Medellin, attended a Catholic school meanwhile kindergarten and found desire for the arts at a very young age. Her painting and drawing were frequently part of exposition around the city and she appeared on various singing competition expressive her school and once appeared for her state concluding in the top three. Lina Moved to Tampa, Florida at age 14 and committed her time in getting used to her new environments, joining school and learning the language. When she exist in, she graduated with bachelor in the science of Mass Commutations and journalism form Florida International University in Miami.  She found in acting her real desire after graduating.  She has joined in several Spanish soup operas including Nbc’s Telemundo Channel, Venevision and Univision. In Spanish film, Lina had principle role. She has joined in several movie house plays in the Miami. She is currently seeing into expansion her horizon and getting appear in more schemes involving the English market. Lina has 5’6’’ height with brown hair and brown eye. Her weight is 123 lbs. Lina twitter account is @liinamaya.