Layne Norton diet, workout, age and wiki

Layne Norton, diet, workout, age, wiki
Date of Birth/Birthday
Age 36 Years old
  1. Education
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Layne Eiseman Norton AKA Layne Norton was born on 15th December 1981 in Evansville, Indiana, United States of American which makes Layne Norton age of 35 years old. Currently, he resides in Tampa, Florida. American nationality Norton belongs to the white ethnicity but his religion is unknown. He did not have the perfect childhood. He often suffers from bullying in high school by his school mates for having low self-confidence. He would fear to go to school and felt terrible and embarrassing. As he did his high schooling, he decided to take on weight training so that he could be much stronger and bigger. He visited the library every day and read numerous books on weightlifting. Eventually, he began his weight training program and used a set of sand weights in his basement.

Highlighting on his education, after completing his high school education with awesome grades, he did his bachelor’s degree in science majoring in biochemistry from Eckerd College with >3.5 GPA in the year 2004. Later in the year 2010, he did Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences with honors>3.5 GPA from the University of Illinois. The title of his thesis was Leucine is a critical factor determining protein quantity and quality to initiate muscle protein synthesis.

Profession growth
By profession, Layne Norton is an entrepreneur, physique coach, bodybuilder, and power lifter. He holds the world record for squat in the IPF 93 kg weight class. He is also an esteemed scientist and doctor. His journey in fitness sector began since his high schooling when he started lifting weights to gain muscle and improve his self-esteem. By the age of 19, he was completely involved in the fitness activity as a result; he started competing in bodybuilding shows. Since then he has won seven bodybuilding and six powerlifting titles. He also got success in the online world where he gained numerous fans and followers and created a popular supplement line and coaching businesses.

Talking about his bodybuilding, Norton is the winner of INBF Mid America Muscle Classic overall Teen champion in 2001, SNBF Tennessee men’s open tall champion in 2002, ABA Mr. Indiana men’s open overall champion and ABA Mr. Illinois men’s open overall champion in the year 2004, OCB Spirit of America men’s open heavyweight runner-up, OCB Great Lakes States men’s open overall champion and NGA Heart of America Natural Classic men’s open overall champion in 2006, IFPA Pro International: Heavyweight Winner, IFPA Gaspari Pro Classic: 4th Place Heavyweight, IFP Yorton Cup Pro World Championships: 5th Place Heavyweight and NGA Pro Universe: 4th Place in 2010.

Likewise, moving forward towards his powerlifting, he won AAPF Illinois Raw Power Challenge 220 lb class champion in 2009, Pro Raw Unity 220 lb class 4th place in 2010, Raw United Tony Conyers Extravaganza 220 lb class champion and best pound for pound lifter in 2011, APF Europa Pro Raw Challenge 220 lb class champion in 2012, USAPL Raw Nationals 93kg Champion and USAPL Southeastern Regionals Overall Champion in 2014 and Arnold Raw Power Challenge 93kg Champion, IPF World Championships 93kg Overall Silver Medalist and USAPL Raw National 93kg Runner Up in 2015.

Diet and workouts
Focusing on Layne Norton diet, he does not have a set meal plan. But he focuses on his daily macro nutrition like proteins, carbs, fats and fiber goals for the day. During off season, he takes 250 grams of protein, around 450 grams of carbs, 90 grams of fat, and 60 grams of fiber. With the help of various workouts and taking nutritious diet, he is successful to make such a great and amazing body structure. He carries the weight of around 93 kg and has a perfect height of five feet and ten inches. The size of his arms is 17.5 inches and thighs are 25.5 inches. It is surprising to know that Layne Norton wiki is not available in the demanded site Wikipedia and IMDb.