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Katie Cleary is the famous American model and actress. Katie Cleary was born and raised in Chicago. She was grew up by her mother. She is confidence, drive, strength came from her mother’s hard work, determination, and love. Katie says if it wasn’t for her mother’s strength, she would never have the drive to shift LA and follow her career in modeling and acting. From Child, Katie dream is acting in Hollywood. She attained a Liberal Arts College in Wisconsin on a track scholarship. She did graduation from Carthage University. She took a real state position in Chicago after graduation. Katie worked 4 movie sets and joined in acting classes while continuing to model. Katie want to learn more about before pursue her dreams. Katie 1st break into entertainment came from the hit TV show. She came back to Wisconsin to earn enough money and finish her degree. She performed on NBC’s hit show “Deal or no Deal” for 4 years. She starred in Movies “The Break Up”. “Lake House”, and “Iron Man 2”. She also performed several Television show such as “Las Vegas”, “CSI NY”, “Entourage”, “Chuck”, “Rules of Engagement”, and “Working class”. Katie also take part in “Heckel U” a web series in partnership with Tom Arnold. She also played in several national advertising campaigns including Sketchers, InterContinetal Hotels, Chandon Champagne etc. her passion is saving animals. Katie has helped find homes for 100 of abused and unwanted animals. She also volunteering at several animal rescue groups including Shambala, Wild Life Waystation. She has been working with Big Cats over 8 years. She got married with Andrew Stern (2010-2014). Katie has total net worth of $250 thousand dollars. Katie details biography found in Wiki (Wikipedia.org) and IMDb (www.imdb.com). Katie Cleary hot and bikini photo can be found in internet. Katie Cleary height is 5 feet 8 inches. Katie is not tall.  katie age is 33 years.