Katherine heigl Age, Husband

Katherine heigl Age, Husband, height
  1. Katherine heigl
Katherine heigl is famous American film producer & Actress. She is 36 years old. She was born in West End, Washington D.C. United States Nov 24, 1978.   Her father is of Swiss-German & Irish Ancestry. Her mother is German descent. Her family moved to New Canaan after her birth. Katherine, youngest member of her family was to fill the majority of her infantile. Her older brother was dead from brain injuries in 1986. When doctors gritty that he was brain dead, her family made difficulty decision to contribute her organ. This chapter give her a great perspective and responsibility for life. It motivated her to apply her celebrity to endorse the significant of organ donation.When Katherine was age 9, her life took another turn, later aunt sent images of her modeling agencies.  Heigl started modeling, auditioning, filmy role and starring in television. She started first film “That Night” age of 11. Took her first role at 14 age in “My Father the Hero”. she accepted a wide distinction  of acting and modeling job while still assembly her local community school.

Heigl’s parents divided , her mother was suffered from  breast cancer in 1996. But her mother has successful recovery. Katherine big break came in 1999, when she was cast in starring role on Roswell, which contended for 3 seasons. Her husband name is Josh whom to married on Dec 2007.she has two childs name Nancy and Adalaide Marie Hope, accepted From South Korea. Her height is 1.75m.