Justin Currie

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Justin Currie is the famous singer and songwriter. Justin Currie real name was Justin Robert Currie. He was born in Scotland on 11th December 1964.Long time, Justin was seen with his girlfriend Emma. Justin Currie and his girlfriend dating news was made hot topics in newspaper. He is engaged with Emma lately. His fans was wondering about Justin Currie Married with girlfriend? But true that he is not married with Emma till date. He collect reputation after he become elaborate as the founding member in the bond Del Amitri. Justin Currie fans were excited to hear the news of the Justin Currie tour dates. Justin Currie Gigs tickets is for pre book. Del Amitri would be performing UK tour in early 2014 announced in 3rd September. Laterally with Del Amatri, he was also connected with the famous music group title ‘The Uncle Devil Show’. ‘Lower Reaches’ was huge success album. Justin Currie discography also includes ‘The Great War’ & ‘what is love for’.

When he was at school, he found his band Del Amitri. He is a man with mixed talents. He is funding in his band as the lead singer, a key bass player and chief songwriter. Justin Currie’s popular songs ‘Roll to Me’, ‘Always the last to Know’ and ‘Nothing Ever Happens’. Justin is amazing writer. he always stay nearer with his fans and friends. Justin Currie twitter account is @thejustincurrie. His Facebook fan page is Justin.currie.526.