John Stossel age, biography, show, wife and net worth

 John Stossel, age, biography, show, wife, net worth
Date of Birth/Birthday
Net Worth USD 4 million
Age 72 Years old
Married/Spouse Ellen Abrams
Height/Tall 5 feet 11 inches
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  4. Personal Life : What is the net worth of John Stossel?
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John Stossel, birth name John Frank Stossel, was born on March 6, 1947AD in Chicago Heights, Illinois, USA. He is an American legendary TV personality, journalist and a very successful author as well. His ethnicity is white and is from Jewish family. He is the younger son among two. He has completed B.A. in Psychology from New Tries High School, Princenton University. He also received an Honoris Causa Doctorate from Francisco Marroquin University. He is a legend in journalism and currently working in Fox Business Network. 

Career Path

Stossel's career started at KGW-TV, in Portland. He then started working as as reporter for the TV, after become a frequent writer. He has problems presenting at first because, he was a stutter from childhood, but he later became used to being a broadcaster. In 1981 he was hired by Roone Arledge to work in ABC news, he worked as a correspondent. In 2009 he left ABC and jointed Fox news and business channel, he appeared in The O'Reilly Factor which was aired every Tuesday, he also featured on other programs on Fox news. He anchors a program Stossel, which is aired through the Fox network. 


Stossel has written three books. 'Give Me a Break: How I Exposed Hucksters, Cheats, and Scam Artists and Became the Scourge of the Liberal Media'(2005), 'Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity: Get Out the Shovel – Why Everything You Know Is Wrong'(2007) and 'No, They Can't: Why Government Fails – But Individuals Succeed'(2012). With financial support from the libertarian Palmer R. Chitester Fund, Stossel and ABC News launched a series of educational materials for public schools in 1999 entitled "Stossel in the Classroom". He has also featured in a few movies. He has started a weekly newspaper column for Creators Syndicate and can find his articles in online publications like Newsmax, Reason, etc. 

Net worth and Salary

 His net worth is $4 million as per recent estimations from different sources. It is due to his continue long time dedication as a reporter on ABC news. Stossel has won 19 Emmy Awards. He also got respected five times for excellence in consumer reporting by the National Press Club. He has received a George Polk Award for Outstanding Local Reporting and a Peabody Award. On April 23, 2012, Stossel was awarded the 'Chapman University Presidential Medal', the award only presented to few selective people even in 150 years interval, by the current president James Doti, and chancellor Danielle Struppa. These awesome awards and rewards clarify his net worth. 

Personal Life : What is the net worth of John Stossel?

He married Ellen Abrams. He has two children, a son Max Stossel and a daughter Lauren Stossel. There is no any talks of his divorce. He currently resides in New York city and also have house in Massachusetts. He and his wife as well as his brother follows  Jewish religion. He is 69 years old and still have a happy family. 

Physical Appearances : How tall is John Stossel?

Stossel is a tall man with a height of 5 ft 11 inches and is of average weight. He has a thick mustache  with dashed beautiful hair. He is slim with matching weight and height. His creativity is enhanced by his overall look and presentation. 

Bio and Wiki 

Socially, Stossel is very active. He has a twitter with the name @JohnStossel where he is followed by 646K followers and has 4,915 tweets recently. He is also famous in Facebook as John Stossel. He is easily available socially being a very popular news reporter. His fans can easily find about him via many social networking media.