how old is jennifer lopez ?

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Jennifer Lopez full name Jennifer Lynn Lopez was born in New York, United States on June 24, 1969 (age 46) to father named David Lopez and Mother named Guadalupe Rodriguez. Peoples are hurry to know the answer of how old is Jennifer Lopez? At this Jennifer Lopez is 46 years old. Lopez has revealed that she want more kids. Lopez has one daughter, Emme Maribel Muniz and one son Maximilian David Muniz. She has an older sister named Leslie and younger sister named Lynda. Her younger sister is a journalist. Her father worked the night shift at the Guardian Insurance Company. Her mother is a homemaker when her father become a computer technician at the firm. Her family lived in small apartment when she was born. Later, her family able to purchase a two-story house by saved up enough money. She started to learn singing and dancing lessons at the age of five. When she was at age of eight, Lopez toured New York with her school. Her parents encouraged to his three daughter to put on performance at home, dancing and singing in front of each other and their friends so they would stay out of trouble. She attained Catholic school and finishing at Preston High School. She was a member of the school’s softball team and did gymnastics and run track on a national level. She started dating with David Cruz, which is her first boyfriend. She started dating with David in 1984 at the age of fifteen.
Lopez learned about movie casting that was searching some teenage girls for small roles while attending her final year of high school. She gave audition and was cast in My little Girl in the year of 1986. Lopez height is 5 feet 5 inches. Lopez details biography can be found in famous website such as Wikipedia and IMDb.