How is Bernice Burgos dating? Bernice Burgos boyfriend and kids

How is Bernice Burgos dating, Bernice Burgos boyfriend, kids
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  1. Who is Bernice Burgos dating?
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Bernice Burgos is popular as she is an American-Puerto Rican model whose appearances can be seen in different music videos, movies, and magazines. She has also been a part of Show Magazine, SHOW Black Lingerie, XXL Eye Candy, various video shoots with Black Men Magazine and numerous other popular print publications which added even more to her fame as a model. However, the lady initially had a hard time building her career as she first worked as a bartender and also a waitress while following her dream of becoming a fashion icon. Gradually, her appearances were seen in music videos and she also got to star in MTV’s Wild ‘n’ out which landed her a lot of admirers making her the center of attention. Bernice Burgos career was then not only limited to music videos and magazines as she even walked the runway for various fashion designers. Some of her loved work in music videos included Jaheim’s ‘Ain’t Leaving without You’, Hal Linton’s ‘Southern Hospitality’, J-Cole’s ‘Work Out’ and many other. She was also seen in Rick Ross‘s ‘Diced Pineapples’ video, featuring Drake and Wale while Drake is also known to be one of her romantic affairs. What amazed most people is that even though Bernice Burgos was starting to get that name and fame she still used to work as a bartender and loved it since she knew that it was her starting point and did not want to let it go. She is very much appreciated for her work ethic and the way she handles herself as a single parent. It is undoubtedly hard for her to manage her schedules as having a child is no joke; however, she rocks being a single parent and is happy with her beautiful daughter.

Who is Bernice Burgos dating?
She was born on April 17, 1980, in Bronx, New York, United States while her parents were of Puerto Rican descent. The 37 years old lady was in highlight for some time for her former relationship with the Canadian rapper Drake. It is said that their relationship was never official and ended in 2015 but still the rumors were all over the media and social networking sites. We can say that the rumor did help her to get into the limelight and later she was also known to be dating the CEO of Black Kapital Records. Along with her romantic affairs with celebrities, Bernice Burgos is also quite popular for her amazing body figure and her hot pictures all over the internet. Her followers like her posts day and night, however, some of them also say that the plastic surgeries did all the magic while the lady herself has spoken nothing about it.

Bernice Burgos boyfriend
The American model Bernice Burgos also happens to be an entrepreneur and is quite popular for her boyfriend and romantic affairs. Her relationship with celebrities and rumors always created a buzz that also landed her huge popularity and net worth. After Drake, it was said that the lady dated Marion Suge Knight, the founder of Black Kapital Records and Death Row Records and even a football player. However, there are no details on her current relationship and Bernice Borgos is currently assumed to be single as she has no boyfriend and is not dating.

Bernice Burgos kids
She is very serious and protective when it comes to her kids as she is also a single parent which is a tough job. It is known that she was a teenager when she got pregnant, however, Bernice Burgos says that there is nothing that she regrets because she is blessed to have kids. She named her daughter Sarai and people often compliment that she is beautiful and looks exactly like her mother which must be a proud feeling. Both the mother and daughter seem very close and can be often seen posting pictures together.