Fleur East

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Fleur East is the singer was born to a English father and Ghanaian mother, grew up in Walthamstow, East London where she was embattled by bullies X factor impression Fleur East has exposed how she was ethnically mistreated as a schoolgirl. She was insulted by the color of her skin so she would run home in tears after being embattled by bullies. Fleur did Michael Jackson’s Will You Be There on last night’s show. Fleur still tolerates the scars of her school days. She said “I was actually young when this girl came up to me in the contextual and said, ‘Urgh’ what color are you?  Your skin is surely dirty. I recall going home in tears and my mum and dad said to me, ‘don’t’ ever heard to anyone who makes those kin d of remarks. You are attractive and this is the method that god made you”;

“They said me to disregard people like that but it was tranquil dreadful.” she asked to kids that are you black or white? She was frequently in a positive where I touched like I had to choice a side and that was problematic. Fleur went to a catholic school and told “Those Remarks were terrible but I never smashed out.”  I hated hostility. I would walk left. When she was eight, her father Malcolm, and her mother divided up.  She added more that “She has no money for bus many times.”. She said “wining of X factor make my family would lastly get few luxury”. Fleur would be a happiest person what she love most would be getting. Will Fleur win X factor? It will be common question for all her fans. Wait to time for her performance. Fleur East’s undisclosed boyfriend is Marcel Badiane Robin.