Fairuza Balk Bio, Wiki, Net-worth, Husband, Tattoo, Boyfriend and Dating

Fairuza Balk, Fairuza Balk Bio, Wiki, Net-worth, Husband, Tattoo, Boyfriend, Dating
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Date of Birth/Birthday
Age 45 Years old
Height/Tall 5 feet 3 inches
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Short Bio
Fairuza Balk is a multitalented American film actress born on May 21, 1974, in Point Reyes, California, and USA exactly at 3 AM PDT. She is an amazing person with extraordinary talent and abilities. Besides acting Fairuza Balk's bio says that she is a businessperson, voice actor, singer, musician and songwriter by profession. Her birth name is Fairuza Alejandra Feldthouse and her nickname is Ru. She was born to her father Solomon Feldthouse and mother Cathryn Balk who went their separate ways. Fairuza spent her childhood just north of San Francisco, California. Fairuza Balk's wiki says that she was a shy girl who ended up doing correspondence classes. Her ethnicity is white and her nationality is American.

Career, Net worth, and Salary 
Fairuza Balk's career started with her debut role in television film ‘The Best Pageant Ever' in 1983. She attended high school in Vancouver but soon decided to get into show business. Her talent as an actress was getting an increasing notice when she was back in Hollywood. Her debut in a movie was in 1985 in the movie ‘Return to Oz'. Since then the 43-year-old has starred in many movies. After the movie ‘The Craft', Balk has been continuing her roles in movies as dark characters. Her latest role was in the movie Battle Scars. Besides acting she is keen on art as well as music. Balk released the single "Stormwinds" in 2010. She has also done voice roles for video game characters.

Fairuza balk's net worth is somewhere between the range of $3 million to $9 million. She is a multitalented person which is why she was able to earn this much sum of money. Fairuza Balk's bio says that she doesn't like an easy job; instead, she prefers the challenging ones. Although Fairuza Balks' net worth is disclosed, her salary is still unavailable. She mainly earns from her acting but besides this, she also earns from another profession. She will definitely sustain herself through other means by furnishing and wisely utilizing her skills and talent. 

Personal life
Balk doesn't want to express much about her affairs and relationship. Fairuza Balk's dating rumors had always created a buzz. The information about her affairs has not been properly disclosed in other sites as well. Fairuza Balk seeks true love in boyfriend and relationship stuff. She prefers security, passion from a love relationship. Fairuza Balk did not prefer to be seen publicly with someone as boyfriend and girlfriend. Fairuza Balk wants dating and relationship with someone who truly understands and loves her. News regarding her being married was heard but it was not from the actress herself. So we are not sure about it. People were keen to know about Fairuza Balk's husband. But whether it's true or not, Fairuza Balk husband must be really lucky to deserve this amazing person as his wife.

Height and weight
Fairuza is a beautiful woman with dark brown hair and pale skin. She has large icy blue eyes that can get anyone gauged towards her. She has a petite figure like the shape of an hourglass that oozes sexiness. Fairuza Balk height is 5 feet and 3 inches and her weight is 52.2 kg. Amazingly she has a deep husky voice that sounds pretty unique. Her confidence is what gives her the support to defy the odds and be successful. Fairuza Balk has nine tattoos with a nose ring as well. This beautiful lady always stands out from the rest of the women in every aspect of dress up, makeup, as well as responsibilities.

Wiki and Facts
Fairuza has already achieved so much in her life. There are some interesting facts about this fantastic lady. She loved to pet cats so owned quite a lot of them. She loved listening to punk rock music and loved playing the guitar and piano. Fairuza Balk has a distinct triangle shaped tattoo on her shoulder. It was her way as a respect for her ancestors for their suffering during WW2. She has 37.6k active followers on twitter, 26.6k followers on Instagram and 98.8k followers on her Facebook page.