Evan Kaili Net Worth, Boyfriend and Height

“If you were the government you would get the people being angry and trying to find hope to believe something new again. So we didn't have time to do that. It was just two years, the most difficult situation in Greece.” Evan Kaili.
Evan Kaili born on October 26, 1978 from a Turkish father Alexandros Kailis and greek mother Maria Igntiadou represents herself as a member of the European Parliament. She is also a representative of Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) and had worked as a television news presenter and anchor in past. Her father was a mechanical engineer and she has a younger sister named Mantalena who is working as a lawyer. Being a member of European Parliament, Evan Kaili is considered as the one of the power women born in Greece.
 Kaili was raised in Greece and earned her undergraduate degree from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in architecture and engineering. She graduated from University of Piraeus, Departement of International and European Studies with Master of Arts in International Relations. Her graduate degree helped her to hold a position at European Parliament. Currently she is doing her PhD in International Political Economy in the same university to gain more depth knowledge of European Economy and Politics.In 2012, she also did courses in Basic Principles of Economics from Harvard University, one of the prestigious and higher tier University in globe.
Talking about her Career, Kaili involved herself in politics in 1992, joining the socialist Panhellenic Camp of Militant Students(PASP) and the PASOK Youth. She became president of the School of Architecture Students’ Association in 2001 and she was elected as the youngest member in the Thessaloniki City Council in 2002. She also worked with some INGOs such as Love 146 which works against child slavery and exploitation and joined Panagia Soumela foundation. She was elected as youngest member of Hellenic Parliament for the first district of Thessaloniki in 2009 and again she became youngest member of  PASOK part. In 2004 national election she was a youngest candidate.
She started her career in journalism in 2004, joining Mega Channel, TV channel in Greece and worked as a journalist and anchorwoman till 2007. Having her interest in journalism, Kaili joined a private college in Athens and studied journalism in Workshop for Professional Journalism. Later on she became member of the Journalists’ Association of Aathens. During her Career, she also became Member of the Committee for National Defense and Foreign Affairs. In 2014 she was elected as parliament member in European Parliament election, representing PASOK.
Being busy as a Politician and Journalist, it seems that Kaili doesn’t have time to engage in relationship. Having attractive body, Kaili might have attracted many boys, but there have been no any reports about her relationship, boyfriend, marital status and past affairs. Gorgeous looking Kaili has height of 5’ 4’’ and weight of 60kg. Despite of being busy in her career, she seems to have worked well to maintain her body physique. She might have earned well from journalism but she has not revealed any clue about her salary and net worth.