David Beckham

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David Beckham is a professional footballer has a net worth of $350 million dollar. His real name is David Robert Joseph Beckham. He was born in London, England on May 2, 1975 to David Edward Alan Beckham (father) and Sandra Georgina West (mother) has two sisters, Georgina (Guido) and Barbara (Jack) and one brother, Frank (Anne). He began playing for England’s legendary team named Manchester United at age of 18. He contracted a five-year for $250 million deal with the L.A. Galaxy. His siblings who were dedicated fans of Manchester United, England fabled soccer franchise. He was winning the coveted Bobby Charlton Soccer Schools National Skills race at the age of 11. His talent rapidly caught the announcement of Manchester United team officials, who requested him to try out for the club’s adolescence league. He left the home to play for United’s training dissection at the age of 16. He was a full-time starter in Manchester United after two years of training.

Beckham was one of the leading face of England’s World Cup team in 1998. His good looks offered up plenty of off-field potential, too. He contracted a deal with Adidas, got $13 million in authorisation deals. He fallen in love with Victoria Adams in 1997. The couple got married and welcomed their first child named Brooklyn Joseph on March 4, 1999. Beckham and Victoria knotted the knot at a lavish $800,000 weeding at a fortress outside of Dublin, Ireland. Appreciations to a last minute free kick against Greece in 2001, England selected for the 2002 World Cup. Beckham contracted a 3 years for $22 million agreement to continue With Manchester United that same year. He was picked up by Spanish club Real Madrid in a stunner of a deal in 2003. Spanish soccer fan were excited to have their archival connection their team. Meanwhile, Americans were just getting to identify him with film. David Beckham missed out to play in the World Cup 2010 because of injury. Since Beckham career moving to United States. He had three sons together, welcomed a daughter, Harper Steven on July 2011. He announced retirement after winning a title with French Club Paris Saint-Germain on May 16, 2013 at the age of 38. He was ending his 21-year soccer career. She said “I wouldn’t have attained what I have done today without my family. I’m thankful for my father’s and mother’s sacrifice, which made me realize my dreams”. Beckham is 6’0” (1.83m) tall.