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Cara Delevingne was born on 12 August 1992 in London, the daughter of Property developer Charles Hamar Delevingne and Pandora Anne Delevingne. Cara Delevingne net worth is approximately $3.5 million dollar. Her sister Poppy Delevingne is also model. She shadowed her sister in modeling and then she suited the face of Burberry in year 2011. She made her entrance in 2009 on the catwalk. She is famous for her luxuriant eyebrow and angry pucker. She is full busy in modeling schedule. At age 17, Cara was revealed by modeling agency storm in 2009.  She is also advertised as the possible additional of Kate Moss who was also originally exposed and charred up by storm.  

She was reputed and famous model for British and face of period as well. When she above 21 years old, she shown herself as the popular and topper model which one of the biggest successes. The new Mulberry bag was entitled for her in her morality. She is covered any Newspaper and magazine. One of her success reasons is her own pretty face. Some reports show that her relationship with a women Michelle Rodriguez who is actor of fast and furious movie & age of 35 years old. Cara is multi-talent singer and percussionist. She some moment feeling creative and some moment feeling frustrating. She doesn’t have any trial in modeling, she is impeccable on it. She has another skill that is he tune means music. If she didn’t use her modeling skill then she uses her tune means music. Her fans are curious to know : is Cara Delevingne dating with Michelle Rodriguez? Some News shown that Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez are dating. She is happy with her boyfriend and done everything together from tuk tuk racing and hanging out at London. Her height is about 1.77m. Twitter account of Cara Delevingne is @caradelevingne. Cara Delevingne shown her Bikini Body.