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An American child actress Brec Bassinger was born in the 25th of May, 1999. Brec Bassinger is just 16 years old child by year 2015. Brec Bassinger, is best known for her role in Bella and the Bulldogs, as Bella. Brec Bassinger is initially from Texas, and has been living with her mother. Bella mother is Los Angeles, who is also her guardian as well as manager. Brec Bassinger father is a working class man, and she has got two sisters who are elder than her. As a child, Brec Bassinger studied back in Texas but then moved to Los Angeles for study,work and live with her mother. Brec Bassinger still visits her family back in Texas whenever she is free. After appearing for few beauty pageants as a child, her parents supported her to work in Television, as well as continue her studies. Born and grownup in the US, Brec Bassinger is an American citizen by nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

From small age, Brec Bassinger was very enthusiastic in sports and always liked to stay fit and fine. Brec Bassinger loves to play sports like volleyball, basketball as well as worked as a cheerleader in her school. Brec Bassinger weight is 45 kg. A beautiful little girl, Brec Bassinger has a lean figure and has an average height. Measuring a 157 cm tall, Brec Bassinger has got a sexy body, long blonde hair with beautiful blue eyes. Although Brec Bassinger has gained much experience from working in the movies, but she lack to do any bed scenes. Brec Bassinger hot pictures in bikinis, are mostly search in internet but not found yet. Brec Bassinger official body measurements is not found in the media, she seems to have long legs with but small feet.

Brec Bassinger started her professional acting career, when she auditioned and passed for the role of Zoe Macintosh, in The Goldbergs; a comedy sitcom directed by Adam F. Goldberg which is  produced by ABC network. In the series, Brec Bassinger is a girl whom the main character has a crush on. Although that role was just a guest appearance, Brec Bassinger caught some eyes and was recognized as a good actress. In year 2013, Nickelodeon approached her with their first project, The Haunted Hathaways as the role of Emma, a schoolgirl who is very clumsy and incompetent to understand most of the things around her. In this show, Brec Bassinger gained frequently recurring role, and was able to prove her acting potential. So, Brec Bassinger signed another contract with Nickelodeon, and was the main cast of Bella and the Bulldogs. Brec Bassinger perform the role of Bella, a schoolgirl who, due to some change of events has to play football for her school team as a quarterback. Having always been into sports, Brec Bassinger, there wasn’t much of a challenge for her as her acting is also very flawless. Brec Bassinger has already made a name for herself, and has the potential to become one of the finest of her time. Brec certainly no lack of ambition, dedication and talent and Bassinger has proved it in the 3 Television shows that she played in.

At the age of 16, there might not be her dating records found in media but we can guess Maybe she has got a boyfriend, and there would be no surprise if a beautiful girl like her might have had more than one boyfriend. But still, there is no sort of info about her personal life in the media and internet. In order to find out more about her, you can follow her on Brec Bassinger Twitter account. You can also check out Brec Bassinge pictures in her Instagram page, which Brec Bassinger joined in her 15th birthday. Brec Bassinger has made a name and fortune for herself, and you can find out about her facts by reading Brec Bassinger biography available in Wikipedia, although there is not much information. Also, there is no data regarding Brec Bassinger net worth but we can guess she have handsome net worth as child actress.