Beyonce Jay Z divorce

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Beyonce appeared on Wedding Rehearsal Dinner of Solange Knowles without Jay Z. Is the couple fighting again? Was the rumor of Beyonce JayZ divorce true?
Beyonce was seen on Wedding Rehearsal Dinner of her sister Solange Knowles without JayZ which gave fan to the already burning issue of pregnant Beyonce and cheating JayZ getting divorced. Although the couple hugged and kissed each other and expressed their love for each other and for their loving child Blue Ivy in a show that was on air in 20th September from HBO and Beyonce’s father Mathew Knowles confirmed that the elevator incident in which Solange Knowles attacked Jay-Z was false and Beyonce and JayZ divorce rumor was used to raise ticket sales for their ‘On the Run’ tour, it seems the so called deep in love couple are not in deep love after all and in fact they are fooling the media.
Suspicion had arisen on the day the video of Solange beating JayZ in elevator leaked out. Solange might have been infuriated out of JayZ cheating over her sister Beyonce. In fact cheating in romantic relationship has become the central theme of the lyrics she has written these days. Solange married Alan Ferguson, her long time fiancé and the rumor is that Solange did not want JayZ to be seen in her wedding rehearsal that took place in Indywood Cinema of New Orleans. Beyonce had no makeup, she looked tired and her hair was a mess. She might have been fighting with her husband before attending the wedding rehearsal. The divorce would be a bad choice for the couple especially when Beyonce is rumored to be pregnant with her second child.
The fans of Beyonce and JayZ will always be in confusion since the couple along with Adele was seen in another party where Beyonce could be seen with her baby bump. As of now, nothing can be said whether marriage of JayZ and Beyonce is going to end on Divorce or the rumor was their own part of plan. Net worth of Beyonce is $450 million and Net Worth of Jay Z is $520 million and the combined net worth of Beyonce and JayZ is $1billion. So, if they decide to split up, it would be one of the biggest divorces in celebrity history.