Avril Lavigne Height

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Avril Lavigne Height: Avril Lavigne is a songwriter, musician, entrepreneur and fashion designer who has height of 5ft1inch. Her weight is 50kg. She looks perfect in her body measurement of 34-24-32 inch. The blonde hair and blue eyed Avril looks hot in photos with funky dress. Avril Lavigne has got more than 18 tattoos and all of them are small in size. The first one is a tiny star on the inside of left wrist which she made to mark the release of her first album.
Avril Lavigne (age 30) was born on September 27, 1984 in Belleville, Ontario of Canada in the family of Jean- Claude Joseph Lavigne and Judith- Rosanne Judy. Her brother is Matthew while she has a sister, Michelle. Avril shifted to Napanee, Ontario when she was only 5yrs old.
Avril is suffering from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) since her childhood. She was singing with music icons like Garth Brooks and Shania Twain at the tender age of 14. Lavigne has sold more than 50million singles and 30million copies of albums globally in till 2013 and with her popularity soaring to new height as a pop and rock star, she is sure to become queen of pop. She is in fact the youngest female soloist to hold first position in UK. 
Avril Lavigne’s Albums include Let Go (2000-2003), Under My Skin (2004-2005), The Best Damn Thing (2006- 2008), Goodbye Lullaby (2009- 2011) and Avril Lavigne (2012- present). She has given six No.1 singles globally. They are Complicated, Sk8erBoi, My Happy Ending, Girlfriend, I’m With You and Nobody’s Home.
Along with accomplished singer and songwriter, Avril is also interested in acting. She can be seen in TV show- Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (2002) and movies Fast Food Nation (2006), The Flock (2007).    
Avril Lavigne’s Net Worth is $50 million. She started her own line of fashionable clothes called Abbey Dawn in 2008. She also owns perfume brands like Black Star, Forbidden Rose and Wild Rose. She has been involved in philanthropic activities through her own Avril Lavigne Foundation.
Avril Lavigne married her boyfriend Deryck Whibley (the lead singer and guitarist in Sum41 band) in july of 2006. Unfortunately, the relationship could not work out. So, Avril Lavigne divorced Deryck after three years of marriage. Later, in 2013, Lavigne married Chad Kroeger who is the front man of Nickelblack. She looks hot in photos even with no make-up.