Ashley Nichole Bio, Sister, Age, Height, Wiki, Net Worth, Salary and Married

Ashley Nichole Bio, Ashley Nichole Sister, Age, Height, Wiki, Net Worth, Salary, Married
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Age 29 Years old
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Short Bio
Ashley Nichole is a YouTube star and social media personality born on December 25, 1989, in Riverside, California. Referring to Ashely’s bio, her nationality is American and her ethnicity is white. There isn’t much information regarding her parents, but she is known to have a younger sister. Ashley’s sister is Alisha Marie, who herself is a huge YouTube and Instagram celebrity and posts videos of makeup tutorials and fashion ideas on her channel. Talking about Ashley, she owns a total of two YouTube Channel herself; her primary channel being “Ashley Nichole” and her second channel “AshleyNichole Vlogs”. She posts videos on beauty, fashion and lifestyle on her primary channel and her second channel features contents like daily vlogs of her.

Net Worth and Salary
Having started uploading videos just for fun, Ashley has now made a career out of it as one of the popular creators in YouTube, that too in just over three years. The popularity has come along with huge reward as well as she has been able to garner a good net worth for her through the platform and several other endorsements. Ashley’s net worth is estimated to be around $300,000 and her salary is also believed to be in good figures. Given the rate at which her channel is growing, it is safe to say that Ashley’s salary and net worth are expected to reach even high figures over the coming years. With not much info available about her education to any of the public sources, let’s jump right into exactly how her career began. Even though Ashley created her primary YouTube channel “Ashley Nichole” back in July of 2012, she actually started uploading videos from June 2014. Ashely first took it as just a fun hobby to share videos of her online, but then the thought of making an actual career out of YouTube hit her when after uploading just 11 videos on the platform, she gained more than 100,000 subscribers. Today her channel has almost 900,000 subscribers and a combined total of view of 30 Million on her videos. Ashley mostly posts videos on makeup tutorials, decorations, fashion, and lifestyle; contents that relate to everybody and which is the reason why she is this popular over the internet. In July of 2015, Ashley created her second YouTube channel “AshleyNichole Vlogs”, where she mostly shares vlogs of her daily life that also feature her travel experiences, photo shoots and cooking up a favorite recipe. In just over 2 years, the channel has received almost 500,000 subscribers and her videos have been watched almost 20 Million times. A smart style of delivery and getting straight to the point are the 2 qualities that make her video great to watch.

Marital Status
Ashley’s age is 27, but she hasn’t been married to anyone up until this point in her life. Smart Ashely is a beauty with brains, as she has been clever not to spill too much info of her personal life to the public. Obviously, she couldn’t have had resisted making boyfriends in her past and she may as well have one now, but there is no such info available to the general public or any media outlets. As seen in her YouTube videos, Ashely doesn’t look like the type of girl to be shy asking people out and dating them. This lady must be a top secret-keeper really as her Instagram is also devoid of any hint that can relate to Ashley having a boyfriend. Without concrete evidence, we can’t say whether Ashely is in a relationship or not but sure hope that she finds the man of her dreams sometime soon and gets married to that certain someone.

Height and Weight: How tall is Ashley Nichole?
Beautiful Ashley has a short height but her attractive body figure can overwhelm anyone. Ashley’s height to be exact is 5 feet 2 inches and her weight is also a proper 60 Kg. A pair of hypnotizing blue eyes and blonde hair; complemented by her smart dressing style give her a gorgeous appearance, as she is loved by her fans all over the world. Ashley’s body figure reads measurements of 30-24-32 inches and she takes extra care of her body through regular workouts and use of proper body creams and lotions as per the situation. At just 27 years of age, Ashely is a vibrant young lady living her life to the fullest, doing what she likes most. Many of her hot and attractive pictures can be found on her Instagram.

Wiki and Facts
Having a career in YouTube means you are bound to be active in every other form of social media platforms as well and so is Ashley. She joined Twitter In 2014 and has already earned almost 130K followers for her in the platform where Ashley is found as “@AshNichole_xo”. Equally active with her presence on Instagram, Ashley is followed by almost 800K people over there, a platform she uses to share her pictures and stories to her fans. Sadly for her fans, Ashley’s Wikipedia and IMDB pages aren’t available yet. But more info on Ashley’s bio can be collected from several other Wiki sources.