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Aaron Eckhart full name Aaron Edward Eckhart is an American famous stage actor and film actor, who was born on 12th March 1968 in California US. Eckhart net worth is $25 million dollars. Eckhart parents are Mary Martha Eckhart and James Conrad Eckhart. Aaron is the youngest of 3 brothers. His mother was of English, German and Scottish descent and father was of German ancestry. Eckhart moved to England when he was at 13. Eckhart started his acting career after moved to England. He didn’t complete graduation but earned a diploma through an adult education course. He completed his graduation from Brigham Young University in the year of 1994. He did graduation with bachelor of fine arts degree in film.  Aaron made his debut in a film, in the company of Men in 1997. Later, Eckhart worked in several movies including Nurse Berry, Possession and Your Friend & Neighbors. Eckhart has got Golden Globe selection for best actor for his representation of Nick Naylor in Thank you for smoking.
Aaron Eckhart once was engaged with Emily Chile. They were together while filming of in the Company of Men. But their relation was no longer. Finally, they were separated in 1988. Eckhart always has been unwilling in talking about his relations in interviews. Later, Eckhart dated with songwriter Kristyn Osborn from 2006 to 2007. Eckhart is tallest person. Eckhart height is 6 feet. Eckhart details biography can be found in IMDb.